ONE ON ONE (Over Zoom)

Song therapy, Music lessons, creative coaching

One on one sessions done over weekly zoom sessions over a ten week term. Sessions can be one of or any combination of the following. SONG THERAPY i get you to rant about something and I translate your thoughts and feelings into a song. You can also have me turn your poem or lyrics into a song MUSIC LESSONS Any instrument or skill level. A focus on Jamming and song writing using basic music theory and ear training. (No sheet music) I teach a form of emotional music theory I created with my partner Lady Helpish Calle ROOT MOTIVES based on patterns and the emotional relationship between notes and chords in different scales. CREATIVE COACHING Learn how to be more efficient and authentic in your creative life wether you are doing it as therapy, as self employment or a combo of the two. Learn how to use an iPad or iPhone to be more productive and creative. A ten week term of weekly 20-30 minute sessions is $200. ( some people choose to double or more the length or frequency of sessions which is double or more the price)